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Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare

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Nachsaison, schöner kann man nicht wohnen. Abends fahren kleine Fischerboote tuckernd raus aufs Meer, die Wellen Rauschen einen in den Schlaf. Ein sehr gutes Restaurant liegt 50 Schritte entfernt, mit dem besten Cappuccino den es gibt. Keine lauten Autos weil es eine Sackgasse
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Antwort von Gianfranco M, Direttore generale im Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Beantwortet: 31. Okt. 2018
Dear Gerburg, thank you so much for your kind words about museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare and the staff. Your review means so much for us and it is a gratification for the hard work we put in place day by day. We hope to see you again in the next future. My best regards,
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Wir hatten eigentlich 3 Nächte gebucht, aber uns war klar geworden, dass wir nur eine Nacht bleiben werden. Man kriegt ja schon beim Einchecken einen Eindruck vom Hotel und der war überhaupt nicht gut. Nicht sehr freundliches Personal, mit kaum Fremdsprachen-Kenntnissen. Der
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Antwort von Gianfranco M, Direttore generale im Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Beantwortet: 25. Sep. 2018
The museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare management is very disappointed about the review expressed by the guest. Honesty, I don’t think a hotel like this would still have the possibility to exist on the market. Therefore, for the deference of our loyal guests, and to make new guests understand what’s Atelier sul Mare is, it's absolutely right that I have to make clear up some points. The staff at the reception speak English. Of course, service workers and handyman do not speak fluent English, as well as in most hotels in the world. Therefore I don’t understand the ruthlessness on language skills expressed by the guest. The elevator is a poetry installation by the American beat generation poet, Gregory Corso. It has a limit of three people who can reach the floors comfortably. Also in this case, it’s incomprehensible what the guest contest. If the guest suffers from claustrophobia, it’s recommended to use the stairs. Atelier sul Mare is a museum-hotel where the guest has the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience: to be part of a work of art within an art installations made by international artists. This is not mentioned in the review in any way, so it’s quite clear that the guest does not understand contemporary art and, therefore, he didn’t understand Atelier sul Mare is a museum-hotel. The obvious question is "why choose the Atelier sul Mare where the guest have to live an emotional experience within the concept of the transformation of matter?" So, that being said, Wi-Fi would be an interference in a work of art. For this reason, all rooms have no wi-fi, as well as TV and minibar. It is clear on the official website as well as in all hotel-booking engines. However, the wi-fi is present, but only on the ground floor and in the reception area where the guest can use his computer sitting in the couch. "Rooms very dark, dirty and lacking in comfort" – a personal opinion, but it false and unfair. The reservation was for no. 3 nights in a standard room. Staying in a “Standard room” is like living dipped in an art gallery, immersed in paintings, sculptures and artistic installations. The guest immediately showed his own disappointment about our standard rooms, rubbing on the fact that our museum-hotel was the worst hotel of his trip in Sicily. He declared, furthermore, that the bathrooms needed a renovation (maintenance was done in early summer, at present time there are no bathrooms to be restored). At this point I reserve any answer about the cleanliness since the hostility towards our structure is clear. I just want to declare to those who read my reply that the rooms are checked immediately after cleaning by the floor manager, so I doubt the review assertion. In order to make the guest happy the receptionist proposed a sweet art room, sea view (“The painting room”, by Piero Dorazio), with no additional costs. The guest accepted it, but the fury against us didn’t stop. Objectively, I think the expression “The customer is king” is not always right and correct, particularly when, as in this case, the guest is lying arrogantly. Next morning the guest left Atelier sul Mare just after breakfast (the couple stayed one night only instead of three), this time complaining about the breakfast area. They described it, in their view, a “hut on the sea” (einer hütte am strand). Let this point be clear as well: The breakfast is served in a terrace overlooking the bay of Castel di Tusa (350 square metres). The entire area is beautifully decorated, with art installations and works of art, and the furnishings (tables and chairs) are works of arts made by international artists. Only a superficial person can compare this extraordinary place a “hut on the sea”. We serve a high continental breakfast to start the day: fresh fruit, cereals, croissants, toast, natural yoghurt, creams, muesli, selected fruit juices, homemade cakes and desserts, biscuits, local bread, butter and jam, a selection of cheeses and hams, sausages and bacon, eggs prepared in a variety of ways, cappuccino, coffee, milk, tea, etc. etc., all this sorts of products are provided by local producers. Few food? I don’t think so. I regret the fact that the guest thought our products poor of quality, but I guarantee the food is carefully selected by the hotel management. In conclusion, the guest attitude was useless, banal and superficial. Atelier sul Mare is, for most our loyal guests, the ideal place for holidays and an unique extraordinary experience to go through.The history, the passion of our staff and the hundreds positive reviews learns it, not me. Therefore, I’m very happy the guest left our museum-hotel, I hope he has found an hotel best for his ordinary needs… I hope so, I certainly hope so just to be sure he'll never come back, and for that I'm very happy. Gianfranco Molino Art Director Fondazione Fiumara d'Arte/museo-albergo Atelier sul Mare
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Wir waren im Mai 2018 drei Nächte in diesem Hotel, mit der Erwartung aufgrund der Beschreibungen Kunst und Hotel kombiniert in angenehmer Weise erleben zu können. Die Enttäuschung war groß. Über Kunst und deren Qualität lässt sich nicht streiten, für Hotelleistungen gibt es
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Antwort von Gianfranco M, Direttore generale im Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Beantwortet: 28. Aug. 2018
Is a surprise on reading a review for a hotel stay spent long time ago. Museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare direction, not being able to verify the reliability of the name of the reviewer and, therefore, no booking record, can consider this review false. However, let's see if I find a stay, for three nights in May, for a German couple. Found!!! The name is different, but let's take it for good, so, in case the guest is real, I can rebut, point by point. The "standard" room chosen by the guest is a sea view room, we can clearly see the same room in many online booking systems sites. The room is a regular square footage, containing part of the private collection of Fiumara d'Arte Foundation, a real gallery of contemporary art: Paintings, sculptures, photographs and ceramics by international renowned artists are installed in the room. I regret that the guest did not have the sensibility and awareness of what he had around. Probably the guest has never even dealt an art catalog. Anyway, it doesn't matter, no problem. Sometimes bathrooms may have some maintenance problems. However, the customer could report the problem at the hotel desk and have the room changed. The management is always ready to solve problems immediately. Regarding the breakfast, I regret that the customer thought the fresh-baked products as pre-packaged products: croissants, cakes and pies are baked every morning by Sig.ra Maria. Along with fresh foods, our breakfast constitute an authentic discovery of the hinterland production. The rest of the comment about the breakfast is equally questionable: the distributors thermos are just for American coffee and hot water; it's doubtful whether the service personnel doing nothing. Our staff is competent, speaks english, and always available. During the checkout, this couple had to deal with the desk clerk, it's true, but not because a language problem. The receptionist was not been informed of the additional discount on the cost of the room, offered to the guest by the direction. He called the colleague, had the confirmation, and everything was clarified. I see no problem, and I do not understand the anger about the cost of the room: € 45.00 pp for an artistic/sea view room, breakfast included, it's not stealing. Hope what real happened is very clear to everyone. Gianfranco Molino Art Director Fondazione Fiumara d'Arte/museo-albergo Atelier sul Mare
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Ein ausergewöhnliches Hotel mit einem sehr engagierten Personal. Die Übernachtung im "goldenen Zimmer" von Hidetoshi Nagasawa (Mistero per la Luna) mit Terasse und einer Kerze als "einziger" Lichtquelle im Schlafraum war eine interessante Erfahrung. Wir hätten gerne noch mehr
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Antwort von Gianfranco M, Direttore generale im Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Beantwortet: 22. Juni 2018
Dear Ingrid, thank you for taking the time to write your review of hotel-museum Atelier sul Mare. I really appreciate the description of your experience lived in the art room “Mistery for the moon” by Hidetoshi Nagasawa, and your comments regarding our staff and customer service. Our staff members take their roles in our art-house very seriously and try, every day, to provide that quality customer service, that our guests expect. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you on your next trip to Sicily! Best Regards, Gianfranco Molino Art Director Fondazione Fiumara d'Arte/Museo-albergo Atelier sul Mare
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Kunst rechtfertigt nicht alles! Ich habe mich mit meiner Frau auf ein paar entspannte Tage an der Küste gefreut. Über Secret Escapes glaubten wir nach den Ankündigungen mit 120€ pro Nacht ein echtes Schnäppchen gemacht zu haben... Die Ernüchterung folgte aber Stück für Stück:
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Antwort von Gianfranco M, Direttore generale im Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Beantwortet: 5. Feb. 2018
I’m so sorry if any problems arise during the guest’s stay, issues can have a negative impact on museum-hotel profits. For this reason I always thank the guest for bringing the problem to our attention. I always look deeper into problems and find out why they’re happening, but not in this case... I firmly assert I have found no real problem. Therefore, with respect of the countless loyal guests who appreciate our structure, I reply to every complaint made against my staff and the museum-hotel. 1) hotel-museum entrance is very marked, it’s impossible not to see the huge golden sculpture by Maria Villani indicating the museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare lobby. In addition, the entrance is marked by a distinct and clearly sign. The museum-hotel main door is always open. There are no other side doors and, therefore, no others bells. 2) The guest reservation was booked, but not for a specific art room, therefore, as it always has been, the available art-rooms are shown at the guests arrival. I would remind our tripadvisor readers Atelier sul Mare is a museum-hotel, all the rooms are different in design, architecture and style. Letting our guests see the rooms is an extra service. "unwanted" museum tour was the guest impression based on anything. 3) I repeat, Atelier sul Mare is an unique museum-hotel of contemporary art. It offers unique accommodations. The hotel offers memorable experiences since its main feature is the presence of many important contemporary artworks of well known artists inside and outside the hotel. But most of all Atelier sul Mare offers the unforgettable experience of sleeping inside art. The art rooms provide to the guest a unique and powerful experience. They are appropriate for an 'inner yourney' of meditation. The art is not designed to be displayed to the viewer; it is meant to surround the guest: 'Only after entering and living in a room the artwork will be complete.
The guest's presence and use of the room is an integral part of the artistic creation.' Our clients are even encouraged to change a different art-room each night to get the fullest experience. Probably the guests think they were going to find an ordinary hotel. The whole world knows the artistic vision and independent thinking we offer to our guests. If this couple hasn’t read and informed about Atelier sul Mare, the direction disclaim all responsibility. If this couple doesn’t belong on any cultural or artistic sense, it’s not our problem. The night the guests arrived was very windy, I don’t think there’s the possibility to manage weather conditions. About the art-room “Energy” by Maurizio Mochetti, no wind whistles getting through. The art-room is very comfortable, whatever the guests were looking for, or complain about the “cheap red paint and structure, bath and toile already showed sign of wear”, it’s only their own opinion. You can’t argue on a work of art by an international artist. 4) It is totally false the guests make the beds themselves.We have an impeccable cleaning service. 5) As it is also false the breakfast description. Our breakfast is not so poor as described: The breakfast has a variety of choices that are necessary for the beginning of the day: pastries, dumplings, cakes and fresh pies and cakes made first in the morning, biscuits, bread, butter and jam, nutella, ham and cheese, yogurt, cereals, honey, eggs prepared in various ways, American and espresso coffee, milk, cappuccino, chocolate, tea, etc. etc., and it obviously includes a variety of fruit. We have pump thermos for different hot drinks (hot water, american coffee, ginger, green tea, etc.), All operational personnel to the floor serve espresso coffee, cappuccino and milk straight to the table. Cups on the buffet are in glass. The chairs are designed by a german artist, Ute Pyka. If the artist chairs have not satisfied the guests, certainly it’s not our business. 6) The guests decided to leave the museum-hotel the day after. No matter critics or non-existent controversy, in accordance with Secret Escape rules, the hotel rack couldn’t be refundable. The staff is fluent in English and French. The welcome drink and the access to Hammam was excepted the day of the guests arrival. The lady decided to go to sleep due to the fact she was tired. The morning after the guests left the museum-hotel owerpowering, therefore there was no way to accomplish the welcome drink and the access to Hammam promised. I'd like to emphasise that no drive car service was included in the booking, therefore it’s not clear what the guest is talking about. Conclusion: The museum Atelier sul Mare has a revolutionary concept of "living art". The rooms of the hotel have been given to international artists who have transformed them in art works. Our guests are very sensitive and emotionally about contemporary art, perceptions, I would respectfully say, do not deserve some guests, especially who wrote the above review. I understand that the guests didn’t like our property. What I regret most is the offensive and insolent tone used in writing this review, that doesn’t match in any way the truth and does not correspond to the reality of our museum-hotel. Now I recommend these guests that next time they’d like to express an opinion, to think a little more before accuse hotel Staff who work to be always attentive, kind, and ready to offer the best support to our guests. Gianfranco Molino Art Director Fondazione Fiumara d'Arte/Museo Atelier sul Mare
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Professionelles Foto – exklusiv in Auftrag gegeben von TripAdvisorHotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
The Portatori d'Acqua Art Room at the Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Professionelles Foto – exklusiv in Auftrag gegeben von TripAdvisorHotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
The Linea d'Ombra Art Room at the Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Professionelles Foto – exklusiv in Auftrag gegeben von TripAdvisorHotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
The Linea d'Ombra Art Room at the Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Professionelles Foto – exklusiv in Auftrag gegeben von TripAdvisorHotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
The Terra e Fuoco Art Room at the Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
Professionelles Foto – exklusiv in Auftrag gegeben von TripAdvisorHotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
The Terra e Fuoco Art Room at the Hotel-Museum Atelier sul Mare
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Salve. Desideravo conoscere che servizi vi sono per bambini 3-4 anni. Grazie in anticipo
Non abbiamo servizi specifici per bambini, come parco giochi o animaizione, abbiamo il laboratorio di ceramica dove i bambini possono modellare la creta o dipingere. Il luogo e' stimolante per i piccoli, le stanze d'arte sono un immersione nel colore e nelle forme geometriche, i corridoi e le sale sono gallerie d'autore con forme, scritture e pitture, le stanze d'arte sono un immersione nel colore e nelle forme geometriche, i bambini ne vanno matti. Cordiali saluti, Gianfranco Molino Art Director Fondazione Fiumara d'Arte/museo-albergo Atelier sul Mare
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Bonjour, Avez-vous des chambres communicantes (pour avoir près de nous nos enfants de 10 et 13 ans), ou des chambres pour 4 ? Merci d'avance
Oui, nous l'avons. S'il vous plaît, contactez Hotel-museum Atelier sul Mare au 0039 0921 334295. Merci. Gianfranco Molino Art Director Fondazione Fiumara d'Arte/Museum Atelier sul Mare
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Ho capito che la televisione non c'è , ma per lo meno c'è la Wi-Fi libera?
L'Atelier sul Mare e' un albergo-museo, le camere sono installazioni artistiche, spazi di pensiero e meditazione. La TV non ha alcun motivo di esistere in questo luogo. Sempre per la stessa ragione, il Wi-Fi e' solo nella zona ricevimento. Cordiali saluti, Gianfranco Molino Art Director Atelier sul Mare
0 Stimmen
Vorrei sapere se in bagno ci sono bagnoschiuma, shampoo e asciugacapelli, e se in camera c'è la televisione Grazie
Si il bagno è corredato di bagnoschiuma e sapone mentre la camera che avevo io era sprovvista di TV
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"Ein Künstlerzimmer sollte es jedenfalls sein, denn so eine Gelegenheit ist einzig."
"Eine Freundin war im "Energie-Zimmer"/Künsterzimmer, ein Knaller!"
"Vor Zimmerwahl einen 'giro delle stanze' machen, jeden Tag um 12:00"
"Alle Zimmer"
"Kunstzimmer, lohnt den Aufpreis"
$ 71 - $ 721 (Basierend auf den durchschnittlichen Preisen eines Standardzimmers)
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