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Blueye UW, Koh Tao

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Expert Training!!
Feb. 2014 • Allein/Single
I came to Blueye UW to start my carrier as an Underwater Videographer and Cinematographer.
Knowing Koh Tao quite well, i decided to choose it as my preferred location as it offers good diving all year around and has a quite high flow of students, a good nightlife and cheep accommodations for long-terms. Before i decided to do my training with Blueye UW, i checked the most popular video schools on the island and there options and offers.
After some e-mail conversations, Blueye UW stood out as the most attractive one with there 4 week training program as other would only offer 2 weeks for the same price or more.

The Training was all i hoped fore and more than i expected to get, the amount of time they invested, the service i got and there high level of experience with filming underwater, cameras, equipment etc. made me realize, that my money was very well invested.
The initial 2 weeks where packed with diving, filming, editing and information's but easy to digest as it was a 1:1 course and the structure was designed to fit exactly my needs. They really showed great talent to find out and correcting my week points while pushing and promoting my own creativity and talents.

All up i can only recommend them to anyone who loves diving and likes to learn about Underwater Videography and Movie Editing if professional like me or just as a hobby.
Verfasst am 3. November 2014
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Blueye U
Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with us as much as we did and hope to see you soon again!
Verfasst am 7. November 2014
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