Janrawee House

Janrawee House, Chiang Mai

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citizen of the world13 Beiträge
great experience
Juni 2011 • Freunde
I went to Janrawee House with a friend. We each purchased different treatment packages, but both included the colonic "detox" therapy. I had package #2 which included the colonic, herbal steam and an oil massage. It was a really nice experience. Granted, the colonic was a different technique than what I was used to in the States, but it was still clean and got the job done. I felt light and clean after and was very well cared for by the therapist during the treatment. The steam and oil massage were just what I wanted. Very relaxing and very professional. Despite the other review regarding misquoted times for treatments, I found my treatments to take exactly the amount of time that was allocated for them. Nothing ever felt rushed or like it was taking too long. It was just right. I had a great experience here, and I would recommend it to my family and friends.
Verfasst am 22. Juni 2011
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London, UK287 Beiträge
Janrawee House Spa
If you are looking for a Detoxifying Spa, this is one of the few within the city.
All good. Nice client care (as nearly everywhere in Thailand). A bit overpriced.
I went there 3 times. In every occasion the treatment lasted less than "promoted" and promised, whether it was a package or a treatment. My collagen treatment was barely 1h (they said 75m). A package of 2h and 30m was over before my friend finish his 2h Thai Massage (and we started at the same time!!!!).
Even though it is a nice place with sweet and nice staff, it's not value.
When mentioned, they only smiled and that's the end of it.
They better improve time management. It could have been quite good if it wasn't for that.
Verfasst am 9. November 2010
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